[webinar] Comment adapter marketing et communication en temps de crise? Dan Eischen (Interact) en live le 28 avril

When our clients shift their focus from consumption to confinement, our brands must react! But how can we stay focused on the ongoing crisis all by remaining relevant to the markets we took years to build up? We must understand what our communication is all about: avoiding to get drowned during the crisis and preparing to survive in a post-Covid market that will have drastically changed. We will look at best practice from international markets and propose a structure around content, channel, engagement and outlook.


  • Discover benchmark from countries and markets that are ahead of our curve,
  • Identify brand and communication facets that allow you to remain relevant in your market,
  • Understand channels, dynamics, KPIs and new ways to engage with your target audiences.


  • 13:30 Début du Webinar
  • 14:00 Q&A avec l’audience


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