Dubl et Claudia Eustergerling Design lauréats des DNA Paris Design Awards 2020

Le jury de l’édition 2020 des DNA Paris Design Awards a rendu son verdict, et parmi les « Winners » de ce concours international, on retrouve cette année deux studios luxembourgeois: Dubl Design Studio et Claudia Eustergerling Design, qui décrochent non pas un mais deux prix chacun.

Double récompense pour Dubl

Dubl Design Studio se voit récompensé pour deux projets distincts. Le premier, dans la catégorie Graphic Design/Editorial, pour le Print Making Forum 2018:

« We have implemented a concept that reflects all the fundamentals of traditional printing techniques, such as pressure, the positive / negative effect and specific textures that are characteristic. The works have been placed towards the inner margin of the book because they are at the center of this exhibition. By creating a balance between the art works.The edge of the book serves as an imaginary mirror axis. If on one side of the spread the text is placed in the upper left corner, on the other side it is placed in the lower right corner. This layout simulates a mirror effect »Michael Soares Machado, Dubl Design Studio

Le deuxième award décerné à Dubl Design Studio récompense dans la catégorie Graphic Design/Packaging un projet d’autopromotion: le studio graphique avait envoyé à ses meilleurs clients et partenaires, à l’occasion des vœux 2018, une bouteille de vin portugais dans un emballage maison:

« Being both from southern countries we wanted to offer red Portuguese wine. Create a simple, minimalist and playful packaging at the same time. Just as we consider ourselves. The wine in its beginnings is wrapped and protected by a simple wooden barrel. We used cardboard to represent us, and the wood. We created the packaging in two parts, because we are the only two designers at Dubl Design Studio. We both wrap, advise, occupy and especially create intense and MEMORABLE projects that engage our customers together WITH the CUSTOMERS. »Michael Soares Machado, Dubl Design Studio

Le projet abced de Claudia Eustergerling Design winner dans 2 catégories

De son côté, le studio Claudia Eustergerling Design est récompensé deux fois pour son propre projet abced – création et vente en ligne d’étiquettes-cadeaux et de cartes de vœux – dans les catégories Graphic Design/Typography et Product Design/Eco Design.

« How can we inspire people to act climate positive, influence their behaviour and make them choose sustainable products with no priority? As we aren’t activists but designers, we opt for typography to attract people. Our label « abced – Little pleasures unexpectedly different » offers a range of sustainable designed greeting cards and gift labels coming along in 4 formats and 20 messages, reduced in material, colour and font styles but with individual and playful use of typography in print as well as in digital promotion. We link sustainability to extraordinarity and simplicity. » – Claudia Eustergerling